These herbs have wonderful power!

These herbs have wonderful power!

Most of us start a day with a cup of tea. We drink it with meals, and also between them. Usually, however, it is the simplest express black tea, otherwise considered the least healthy product in the tea family. Maybe it's time to start appreciating other healthier species? These teas and herbs not only warm up and taste great, but they also have invaluable health properties. See which teas are worth including in your menu and why.


Mint tea. Refreshing mint tea allows you to ensure the proper functioning of the body, as well as a slim figure. Studies show that this drink improves intestinal peristalsis, that is, it gives the pace of food movement in the digestive tract.


Ginger tea. Black tea with the addition of ginger is almost a must drink in the winter. Why? The addition of fresh ginger warms up and cleanses the body. Ginger tea is also great for heartburn. Recent studies have shown that ginger root may be a natural remedy for asthma.


Green tea. Based on Swiss researchers from Basel concluded that green tea can have an excellent effect on memory, concentration, and thus on the work and performance of our brains. Studies have also shown that regular drinking of green tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 75 percent


Camomile. Chamomile contains natural substances that soothe and reduce inflammation of the stomach mucus and digestive system, so it is an ideal remedy for heartburn. Studies show that drinking chamomile can also help us if we have sleep disorders.


Plantain tea. Plantain leaf is an excellent means of preventing any inflammation, it is also good during menopause.


Lavender tea. Lavender flowers have bactericidal and antiseptic properties they also have anti-rheumatic and anesthetic properties, inhibit excessive development of bacterial flora


Lemon balm. Drinking lemon balm - according to scientists - has a calming and relaxing effect. A cup of lemon balm drunk just before bedtime will help us fall asleep faster


Rosehip tea. Scientific studies have shown that only one tea with the addition of a few fresh rose fruits is able to cover the daily requirement of vitamin C. It is therefore ideal for people who have a tendency to colds and prophylactically to prevent them


Black tea with cardamom. If you are prone to bloating or have a lack of appetite, drink black tea with cardamom half an hour before meals. The addition of cardamom to your favorite tea according to the latest research also helps to alleviate rheumatic pains, prevents the development of viruses, and also has a diuretic effect


Blackberry tea is a great diaphoretic for colds and tonsils. It is also recommended to drink as a preventive measure, because it contains a lot of vitamin C. And it is really delicious!


Lemongrass tea. Lemon grass adds a refreshing lemon aroma to tea, and eating this duo apparently increases concentration and brightens the mind


Hibiscus tea primarily strengthens the immune system thanks to the polysaccharides it contains. In addition, it perfectly refreshes and in warm weather is a great alternative to buying ice tea


Rosemary tea. Rosemary is a valued spice and herb that has been used in folk medicine for centuries. Confirming, among others, its anti-rheumatic effect. In addition, rosemary protects the kidneys and heart, as well as relieves stress and helps maintain mental health. Adding a few sprigs of rosemary to tea will give it a completely different character. Pride!

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